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One actor that changed everything

Rutger Hauer was an astonishing actor commonly seen in some of the best movies of all time and now, we present you a tribute site.

Always perfect

Rutger Hauer has been known as the most professional actor in the business, capable of mastering every sentence or line of script.

During his career he appeared in some of the best movies and in some most expensive. His roles varied and luckily we are able to see him as a good and a bad guy in a movie.

Various movies, more titles and even more awards

Rutger Hauer enjoyed award during his entire lifetime and he has been known as the best Dutch actor of all times.

His appearances impressed the world and soon he became one of the most popular actors in this line of business.

From old movies, from ancient movies to Science Fiction.

Rutger Hauer appeared in all sorts of movies and always mastered them perfectly.

The tribute site we are developing should prove you only the obvious.

You will be impressed with the movies or better said movie collection.

Rutger Hauer is one actor that made all of those developments possible and even more appealing than you may believe.

Something about personal life

Rutger Hauer came from Dutch and he was known as the best Dutch actor of the century and probably even more.

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A Tribute

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