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Our mission

Our mission is simple. We want to keep Rutger Hauer in our hearts and in our lives forever. That’s why we have decided to launch this kind of site.

The site here will primarily describe the history and life of the actor. Once you are done reading the intro and all the basics, and we know you will want to read them simply because it is a mandatory in a tribute site like this you can check out his movies and so much more. This is just a beginning and we have prepared all sorts of surprises, improvements and additions that will be revealed with us any time soon.

The goal in general is to keep this icon with us as long as possible. The site will remain online as long as we can and we will always update it. You may wonder how this is possible. We are constantly looking for interesting, impressive and shocking facts about the actor and we will reveal them as soon as possible.

Already our site is one of the best and the most advanced of this kind. But, we will go on step further and we will make it even more powerful any time soon. We are working on it as we speak.

You may wonder also how we can improve the tribute site. It is perfect already. Well, we will add new movies, all the facts we can find pout and all the rest. We will promote some of the best movies Rutger Hauer appeared in and we will do so much more. The secrets are something we like.

The next mission will be to create the most complete filmography page. We are working in that as we speak. The results are impressive and we are more than just satisfied. We already have dozens of movies and we have been increasing the list for the last couple of months. There is no rest for us.