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Rutger Hauer Movies

Being one of the most popular and the best-known actors of all time, Rutger Hauer had countless movies to reveal. There is no other way to say this but with a detailed page devoted to the movies he filed only. We will also reveal rare movies you never knew were linked to this actor and we will obviously reveal all the popular movies you may know already.

Rutger Hauer has been known as one of the most successful and the most versatile actors. What this means that we can see historical, science fiction, thrillers, mystery movies and so much more] in his filmography. Don’t worry, we will reveal all of them and we will present you with the most accurate page in the web.

What I can see here?

You can see Rutger Hauer life and all the rest.

The page is devote to movies this actor filmed in his career. We will mention and list all the less-known, major movies and also some rare developments that were popular in Netherlands during the 70s. Take your time and enjoy learning about the best movies with one of the best actors in the world. Take a list of them, rent them or download them and have fun. Bow you can watch the movies for years and there won’t be any complications with our help.