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One actor that changed everything

Rutger Hauer was an astonishing actor commonly seen in some of the best movies of all time and now, we present you a tribute site.

Always perfect

Rutger Hauer has been known as the most professional actor in the business, capable of mastering every sentence or line of script.

During his career he appeared in some of the best movies and in some most expensive. His roles varied and luckily we are able to see him as a good and a bad guy in a movie.

Various movies, more titles and even more awards

Rutger Hauer enjoyed award during his entire lifetime and he has been known as the best Dutch actor of all times.

His appearances impressed the world and soon he became one of the most popular actors in this line of business.

From old movies, from ancient movies to Science Fiction.

Rutger Hauer appeared in all sorts of movies and always mastered them perfectly.

The tribute site we are developing should prove you only the obvious.

You will be impressed with the movies or better said movie collection.

Rutger Hauer is one actor that made all of those developments possible and even more appealing than you may believe.

Something about personal life

Rutger Hauer came from Dutch and he was known as the best Dutch actor of the century and probably even more.

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Can CBD Oil Be Used For Cancer Treatment?

There is growing optimism around the use of CBD as a potential cancer treatment.

Legal disclaimer: This is a purely informational article. It is intended to broaden the discussion regarding CBD. Always talk to your doctor before considering any kind of treatment or supplement.

CBD is also known as cannabidiol has been just one of more than one hundred biochemical compounds or cannabinoids found in the typical cannabis plant. Of course the most popular of these compounds is the mind altering drug THC. This is the canabinoid that gets you high. CBD is the second most popular compound and unlike its THC cousin, it does not get you high.

In recent years, the CBD has become quite popular because it delivers many of the THC’s medical benefits without the regal headaches. After all it is nonpsychoactive. There has been a lot of testimonials regarding CBD and  there is also quite a number of current research studies looking into its medicinal use.

Medical marijuana has been legalized in 29 states as well as the district of Columbia. More and more states are thinking of legalizing medical marijuana. On top of this, a growing number of states have legalized marijuana for recreational use. Similarly severely sick children, athletes and celebrity advocates have been speaking out about marijuana derived medicine in recent years.

 All these factors have served to quote CBD front and center in today’s mainstream public discussion about alternative medicine.

Is CBD A Better Alternative?

We don’t have to look far to find people who have dealt with cancer at one level or another. The national cancer institute says that in 2016 alone 1,685,210 new cancer diagnoses will be made in the USA. In that same year over 595,690 people are projected to die from the disease.

Apart from these numbers, the total population of people living with cancer was pegged at close to 14.5 million individuals in 2014. This number is projected to reach close to19 million come 2024.

Newly approved therapeutic treatments for cancer has an average monthly cost of ten thousand dollars. In fact, some therapies exceed thirty thousand dollars per month. Please understand that these figures don’t include chemotherapy cost, doctor cost and any income you stand to lose. These statistics show how crushing cancer can be for people afflicted with this disease.

Is there a better alternative? Is there a more natural alternative? Is there something that is less expensive? CBD may be the answer. CBD is not new. The move to legalize cannabis derived medicine has been going on as early as the 1970s.

Cancer patients have always been clamoring for a relief from the harsh effects of chemotherapy. Similarly AIDS patients have always been looking for a relief from the wasting effect of their condition. Both these populations point to cannabis as a great alternative; not only as an anticancer and wasting, as a great pharmaceutical alternative.

Today, there are many anecdotal stories that suggest that CBD goes a long way in helping people deal with cancer as well as the side effects of chemotherapy. These anecdotes apply to all age ranges.

Joe Schilling’s story may sound familiar to you. This testimonial may sound familiar to you. Joe Schilling is an MMA fighter He relates story of how CBD oil or cannabis oil destroy his father’s cancer. He said,” I was  able to visit my dad in the hospital.” He said in the beginning when he first visited his dad his prognosis was very bleak. The doctor said that his father was going to pass away soon.

 After getting on CBD oil therapy, his father’s lung cancer as well as its spread to the brain, chest and neck started to subside over a seven month period. His father did not choose to go on a chemotherapy ligament. His father also did not like taking vitamins and didn’t really have a healthy diet. In other words his dad was doing everything opposite of how cancer patients are supposed to fight against cancer. the only thing that he was doing was CBD oil.

When Joe went back with his dad to see the latest test results after seven months of CBD oil treatment, 90% of his father’s cancer cells were gone. Schilling credits CBD for the destruction of his father’s cancer cells. He said that his dad was simply doing everything wrong, from a bad diet to an unhealthy lifestyle as well as his critical decision not to undergo chemotherapy.

His father’s prognosis was looking good because the 10% of cancer cells left was enclosed by dead cells and was projected to die out as well.

Deemni’s story

Deemni is a 44 years old. She has two children. She had a triple negative breast cancer diagnosis. This is the most severe diagnosis for that type of cancer.

Cancer runs in Deemni’s family. Her sister died of the disease when going through chemotherapy. Her doctor recommended the same chemotherapy to Deemni. Instead, she chose an alternative. She started taking cannabis oil or CBD. She says she ingested one drop every single night right before bed. She did this for five months. When she came back for tests, her breast cancer was gone, her diagnosis was completely clear. Deemni also says that CBD also helped her overcome amnesia as well as chronic back pains. She is so impressed by this alternative treatment that she said she plans to continue taking CBD for life.

What Is the Scientific Proof?

As fascinating as these stories may be, is there hard medical data to back them up? Unfortunately, given the fact that marijuana and marijuana based compounds are under tight prohibition by the US federal government, the scientific literature on CBD medical claims as well as marijuana medical claims are very limited.

The federal government continues to classify cannabis as schedule 1 drug. In the eyes of the law there is absolutely no use for marijuana. Accordingly, research is severely restricted.

Still, due to the rising popular consciousness about marijuana and marijuana derived products, there is a fast growing set of small scale studies regarding the CBD’s effect on cancer cells as well as the overall medical potential of cannabis. These studies do not come primarily from the United States but from nations that don’t have the same research restriction as the United States. A lot of these are actually coming from Israel. These studies are turning a lot of heads.

The Inside Scoop

How can CBD impact cancer cells? What is the inside scoop on the inner workings of the interactions of cannabidio and cancer. According to Complutense University molecular biologist Cristina Sanchez, there are many ways human cells die. One common way is through a traumatic process. Kind of dying from a calculation.

When cells die this way, their death is labeled necrosis. On the other hand when human cells die without any resulting damage to nearby cells or tissues this is labeled apoptosis. When researching anti-tumor compounds researchers pay close attention to the state of the cells surrounding the dead cells to determine if this is a simple case of necrosis or apoptosis. Anti-cancer cleansing action must be free of the inflammation. Inflammatory processes are bad for the human health. Cannabis and CBD have been investigated for specific types of cancer. The General Chemotherapy published in 2013 study that showed how  synthetic THC affected gastric cancer in lab rats.

Rats treated with THC showed a tumor growth reduction of 30% within two weeks of treatment. Similarly, in the 2012 study that came out in the General Molecular Medicine, mice that had colon cancer showed significant tumor reductions thanks to CBD treatment.

Finally in the General Molecular Cancer therapeutic 2013 study reviewed that cannabidio sped up the death of lung cancer cells and this led to reduced tumor viability.

The Hope for a More Natural Botanical Alternative Cancer Treatment

Sanchez said that chemotherapy basically attacks all the body cells. As long as any cell polyforage or splits up rapidly it is going to be attacked. In other words any cell that divides is an open target for chemotherapy drugs. The problem is more cells in the body divide. These are not just cancer cells you want to kill with chemotherapy. Your immune system cells get hit as well. The same with many tissues and stomach cells.

Chemotherapy is very toxic because it does not just attack cancer cells. It also savages all  polyforage cells within the human body. On the other hand canabinoids only target cancer cells. Sanchez say that scientists still don’t understand why this is the case. There are puzzles as to why cancer seems to be particularly sensitive to canabinoids. She is however certain that this sensitivity exists. The bottom line, according to Sanchez is that canabinoids destroy cancer cells, leaving non cancer cells in the body fully intact.

Cannabinoids have two forms. They can be naturally sourced from the cannabis plant, but they can also be found in commercial preparations of FDA approved synthetic drugs. Dronabinol is a synthetic alternative to THC. There is a drug that is used for treating vomiting and nausea in chemotherapy patients. It’s however a drug of last resort. It is only prescribed when all the other medication failed the patient.

Another FDA approved drug is nabilone. Just like dronabinol it is also used to treat chemotherapy induced vomiting and nausea. The different is nabilone bases its structure on CBD not THC.

Tommy Chong’s testimony. You have probably heard of Tommy Chong. He is part of the famous comedy team cheech and chong from the 1970s. He is also a cancer survivor. He has been and continues to be forecore supporter and user of cannabis.

Tommy received in 2012 a prostate cancer diagnosis. He immediately started using CBD oil. He also switched to a more natural diet. He also refused aggressive and expensive medical procedures. As of this writing, Tommy Chong reports that he has been cancer free. He credits his disciplined diet as well as his use of hemp oil. Please note that the type of oil he used was Hash oil.

Make no mistake; there is a lot to be hoped for when it comes to the potential use of cannabis derived compounds for the treatment of cancer. As more and more states legalize marijuana for medical purposes. It seems that it is only a matter of time until the law chances. Still the federal government classifies CBD and cannabis as schedule 1 drugs. This severely limits research. Medical professional looking to research the anticancer properties of this compound face substantial risk from the government. That’s why a lot of them are fearful of endorsing medical cannabis or CBD for conditions like cancer.

In March 2015, more than 15,000 Colorado patients reported cancer or severe nausea as the reason for application for a medical marijuana card. This is a clear indicator of the need out there. There are organizations like Camakits, Realm of Caring and project CBD who are active in trying to connect families looking for alternatives to access cannabis derived compounds for their conditions.

In the United States, as of 2016, there are more than 2.5 million people using medical marijuana. This number is projected to grow substantially. It is only a matter of time until the medical establishments stops ignoring the potential medical impact of marijuana and marijuana derived compounds. Cancer research is one exciting research field for medical marijuana.

According to 2016 review performed by Doctor Donald Abrahams, an oncologist, cannabis impact on cancer care is quite substantial. He said that canabinoids can directly produce anti-tumor activity. He identifies Central nervous system cancers as particularly susceptible to cannabis treatment. Indeed in a survey among oncologists (doctors who are cancer specialists).Afore 82% agree that cannabis access should be allowed to cancer patients.

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